Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Overwhelmed thanks and an important note

First things first: thank you. Everyone. This site has had thousands of hits and we've been contacted by a lot of people with sadly similar stories of theft. "Rent to steal" appears to be an all too common occurrence and figuring out how best to protect ourselves going forward is paramount. For now, getting the word out there is the best option.

However, I need to make an important clarification: the thieves are stealing identities of real companies and real people in some of these instances. Kevin Lear is a real person in the UK and The Filming Company Ltd is a real company. Mr. Lear has been as shocked as anyone to discover that his name and company have been used in multiple thefts in Israel and the US. While it's important to get the details of the thefts out there it should be noted that honest people are being affected in ways that are not as apparent as large scale loss of equipment.

Again, the REAL Kevin Lear and his company, The Filming Co Ltd, flat out told us that he had no knowledge of the thefts. He is a victim of these scumbags just as much as we are, as Broadcast Israel is, as Fletcher is.

"William Stickland" on the other hand? Thief. Liar. All around bastard.